Burn 60 Studios logo14 Weeks but can be started at any point along the way. Scroll to the bottom of the page for downloadable pdfs of the workouts.

  • Weekly Routine: 5 days of running, 2 days of rest
  • Weekly Mileage: 12–40 miles
  • Long Runs: Start at 8 miles, peak at 20 miles


Short Mileage Day or Rest
Short mileage day to help recover from the long weekend mileage.


BEGINNER Burn 60/Cross Training:
These workouts are to help correct muscle imbalances. Use the Burn 60 HIIT workouts to help increase speed, but at the beginner level, try not to over do the speeds. It is very difficult to recover from all out sprints when you are not adapted to the speed work. The cross training aspect of lifting weight and functional movements will help you stay strong, burn more calories, and aid inflexibility. It will also help you stay strong through the whole 13 miles.

ADVANCED Burn 60/Speed Work:
At the advanced level, Burn 60 HIIT training gives you all the benefits mentioned above for the cross training aspect of the workouts. However at the advanced level, this is the opportunity to work on increasing your top speeds. This maxing out at your highest MPH will translate to results which will help you push for a personal best time on race day.


This is a rest day. You have now had two days of solid runs followed by a day of HIIT training. Your body needs a day of great nutrition, flexibility work & plenty of rest.


BEGINNER Have an easy moderate mileage day.

ADVANCED Moderate mileage, but at a tempo pace, which means running close to your race pace.


BEGINNER  Moderate mileage, but at a tempo pace, which means running close to your race pace.

ADVANCED Another opportunity to push you body to the limit with HIIT training and speed work.


Rest day OR a very low jog if your body is feeling completely recovered from the week.


This longer mileage day is to prepare your body for the rigor of the race day. This should be below or near your race pace depending on your recovery from the week.



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