Registration Information

NOTE: If you are registered for Run To Remember LA 2017 and will be registering for Run To Remember Boston 2017, email and let us know!  We will send you a discount code for $25 off of your Boston registration. 

Changes, Deferrals, Transfers, Refunds

If you would like to switch from the 1/2 to the 10K race or the 10K race to the half marathon, this can be done at the Sports and Fitness Expo when you pick up your race packet on Saturday, February 11.

Like almost all major races, in major cities; sporting events, entertainment events, airlines etc. – we are not able to offer refunds or deferrals.

However – unlike most races – we can offer you a few options: 

  1. ou can change your race distance. If you had been registered for the Half and want to switch down to the shorter distance, we can do that and there will be no service fee for this change. If you decide on this option it can be done at the race expo.
  2. If you are not able to run at all –– then you can transfer your entry to a friend or family member. To do this – just print an application from the race website, put a note at top – OK to replace (registered runner’s name) with this new runner. The new runner will have to fill out the application completely and sign the waiver. There is also no fee for this option.
  3. It is illegal for a runner to wear the bib of another runner without filling out a complete application. To run under someone else’s name is fraud and could cause serious situations should a runner be injured and we were not able to track the correct runner. Since we do not charge for this change – please follow this procedure if someone else will be using your bib. You are fine to ask that new runner to reimburse you for the fee you paid.
  4. You can donate your entry to one of the youth from one of our charity programs, which include a school running team and some of our other charity partners.

We hope that one of these options will work for you.

Important Information

Are you already registered?

  • Runners will pick up your packets at the race expo, they will be under your last name, so you do not need to know your bib #
  • Remember there is a 4-hour course time limit for both distances, this is mandated by the city.
  • No strollers or child wheeled joggers are allowed on the race course.

Not Registered?
Online Registration is closed, there will be registration at the Race Expo on Saturday, February 11

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